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The Balcony is sweeping, suspenseful, rich with surprises and eerie atmosphere.  Jane Delury arrives on the scene of her debut with a sensibility fully formed and a breathtaking array of writerly gifts at her command.”
—Jennifer Egan

“With the assurance of a seasoned pro, Jane Delury spans decades, adopts a multitude of voices, and explores with the keen-eyed sensibility of Elena Ferrante or Claire Messud marriage, infidelity, motherhood, aging, money, greed, and the workings of fate.  A complex and utterly engaging debut.”— Alice McDermott

“Jane Delury’s gifts as a writer of fiction are in such abundance here, it is difficult to know where to begin: her characters – each and every one – whether male or female, young or old, French or American, wealthy or just barely surviving, a child of the 20th century or one-hundred years earlier – are living, breathing human beings I came to love and, in some cases, to mourn. Her landscapes are rendered as deftly as an impressionist painter’s, and the pacing of each narrative in this exquisitely rendered novel-in-stories is downright masterly. But, what I admire most about The Balcony, is the depth and range of its inherent humanity. I adore this book. It is a true work of art and a most impressive literary debut.”
Andre Dubus III

From the opening pages of The Balcony I was enthralled by Jane Delury’s picture of Benneville and by her expansive sense of character.  In ways both profound and moving she shows on page after beautiful page how her characters live inextricably in a time and a place.  A stellar debut.
—Margot Livesey

The Balcony is a delightful literary page-turner in the best sense of the word. I loved these characters, and the way Jane Delury has woven them together is wonderfully surprising, heartbreaking, and elegant. In terms of “smart books about going abroad”, it’s up there with The Vacationers and Helen Walsh’s The Lemon Grove. I was sad when it ended—always a good sign.
Katie Crouch

Taken one at a time Jane Delury’s rich, complex, darkly intimate stories never fail to surprise and intrigue.  The group is arranged in a fractal, fernlike pattern for which a term has yet to be coined—but it feels like a genuinely new kind of narrative structure, fit for the twenty-first century.  Not a conventional novel and by no means a simple collection, The Balcony marks the debut of a major talent, and opens a door to a whole new way of storytelling.
—Madison Smartt Bell

Centered around an enduring manor house in a French village and peppered with Tintin and chocolatThe Balcony feels profoundly universal. Inhabitants of Benneville may come and go, but their humanity remains steadfast through episodes that range from surprising to tragic. Jane Delury’s writing is always self-possessed and elegant, but I found myself moved to tears more than once.
—Anne Korkeakivi


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